Introducing the hair extension experience at Salon Aspire!

Whether you’re seeking the confidence boost of fuller hair or to change your look by adding several inches, Salon Aspire can help you achieve your hair goals with the least damaging and most natural-looking extensions available today!

Before we get into the details, let’s talk about who might benefit from extensions:

  • The woman whose hair has thinned over the years and is ready for thicker and fuller-looking hair
  • The woman whose hair doesn’t grow past a certain spot or is too damaged to grow
  • The woman who desires to have hair for days through the art of transformation #mermaidlife 

If you can relate, you are in the right place! We will show you exactly how hair extension can elevate your self-esteem!

What to expect.

(Psst: no one will ever know you’re wearing extensions … unless you want to let them in on our little secret.)

You’ll receive extra time in the chair during your first appointment so we can perfect your hair goals, review at-home care and ensure you leave with the most seamless blend between your hair and the extension. Your appointment will include:

  • A custom dimensional hair color for your extensions
  • Botanical repair treatment to protect the integrity of your own hair and the extension hair
  • Hair installation
  • The perfect blended cut and style
  • Luxury extension aftercare kit to help protect your investment
  • Cold or hot beverages and yummy snacks to keep you humming

Ready to have the hair of your dreams?

Price on Consultation
Hair Extensions

All prices are subject to change based on condition, style and length of client’s hair at time of service along with stylist’s degree of expertise. View our cancellation policy.