Let’s face it, our hair is a mirror for how well we’re taking care of ourselves. When that mirror isn’t kind, Salon Aspire steps in to address the results of neglect, overstyling, environmental abuse or health and medical conditions. We invite your questions about how Aveda® products can repair and restore your hair’s health along with your confidence and sense of well being.

We live in Kansas where the weather’s always changing and that affects our hair, skin and nails. They can get really dry. Scalp treatments help with allergies and the results of our changing weather.

Most clients with a flaking scalp automatically believe they have dandruff. Most of the time the scalp is just dry. We offer one-time and series Aveda treatments to help.


Damage Remedy Treatment
Aveda® Purescription Treatment
Aveda® Glow Facial Treatment
Pramāsana™ Scalp Treatment

All prices are subject to change based on condition, style and length of client’s hair at time of service along with stylist’s degree of expertise. View our cancellation policy.