We’re a safe place for the attention and services that keep you looking and feeling your best. Don’t be afraid to ask your stylist for input on areas that might benefit from waxing. We can also educate you on the difference between waxing and sugaring, and set you up on the best schedule to maintain a flawless look.

We mostly wax brows because that’s what clients are most comfortable with. No one wants a unibrow look. Changing the shape of brows can completely change a man’s or woman’s looks depending upon how it’s done. We work with the natural shape to enhance a client’s facial features.

We see lots of men and women for waxing services. Clients tell me all the time that brow waxing is the cheapest brow lift or facelift they can get.

By the way, a lot of people think that if you wax the hair grows back darker and thicker. That’s a myth.


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Full Arm
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